Canadian Chef Beauty Obasuyi gears toward for Guinness World Record in ‘Longest Cooking Marathon’.

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Canadian Chef Beauty Obasuyi gears toward for Guinness World Record in ‘Longest Cooking Marathon’. 

Beauty Obasuyi, the Nigerian-born Canadian and founder of Naija Jollof stand load up for a noteworthy challenge. She started on January 10 at 295A Queen St. East in Brampton, aiming to break the Guinness World Record for the ‘Longest Cooking Marathon.’ Beyond the cooking accomplishment, her mission is intensely embedded in supporting families in deprivation.

Dipping into the narrative of this record-breaking attempt, Hilda Baci from Lagos, Nigeria, cooked tirelessly for 100 hours, surpassing the previous record set by Lata Tondon of India, who cooked for an impressive 87 hours and 45 minutes. Nonetheless, Alan Fisher from Ireland lately heightened the bar by cooking for a stunning 119 hours and 57 minutes!

While the yet-to-be-approved 144-hour Cook-A-Thon of Ugandan Mama D and Che Failatu Abdul Razak with 227-hour Cook-A-Thon. With this in mind, Beauty Obasuyi has set her sights on surpassing Alan Fisher’s record, aiming to cook continuously for 8 days or 192 hours. This decision simply emphasizes the international passion of chefs like Beauty who aspire for this prestigious crown.

Source discloses, In the heart of Brampton, Beauty Obasuyi’s aspirations transcend mere cooking. Identified for her philanthropic ambitions, exceptionally in benefiting homeless families in other words, those in shelters. Beauty’s Marathon stands not only about setting records but also emphasizing community solidarity and the unifying essence of food.

“This challenge embodies more than a record attempt; it’s about illuminating the needs within our community,” expressed Beauty. “It’s a testament to how, together, we can make a difference.”Inhabitants of Brampton and neighboring vicinities are exhorted to stand behind Beauty in this substantial project, conceding her cooking passion paired with a genuine commitment to philanthropy. 

This comes after the Ghanaian Chef Abdul Razak Failatu's 227-hour longest cooking marathon on January 10, 2023, for the Guinness World Records. So far, the Beauty Obasuyi surpassed 205 hours of nonstop cooking. Will she be able to break Failatu's yet approved 227-longest cooking marathon and set a new record?

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