Sad News: Amin Pras Enterprise Annex Partially Burntt into Ashex by f!re.

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Sad News: Amin Pras Enterprise Annex Partially Burntt into Ashex by f!re. 

The morning of Tuesday, December 12th, 2023, marked a distressing chapter in the history of Amin Pras Enterprise Annex as a fire engulfed the building housing its stores. Despite the raging flames, the enterprise emerged relatively unscathed, with no reported casualties, offering a glimmer of relief amid the devastation.

The incident unfolded in the early hours, leaving behind a trail of destruction that included properties valued at thousands of Ghana cedis. The toll on the financial front was undeniable, reflecting the magnitude of the losses incurred by Amin Pras Enterprise Annex. The aftermath of the fire revealed the resilience of the enterprise, as it navigated through the challenges posed by the inferno.

Amid the wreckage, a silver lining emerged for customers of Amin Pras Enterprise. A reminder echoed that all electronic appliances, though affected by the fire, remained accessible at the main stores. Positioned strategically on the Tamale Teaching Hospital road, opposite the Northern Region House of Chiefs and adjacent to KFC, the main stores beckoned customers with the promise of continuity in service.

The ability of Amin Pras Enterprise to swiftly address the impact of the fire showcased a commitment to customer satisfaction and business continuity. The strategic location of the main stores ensured minimal disruption, allowing patrons to procure electronic appliances seamlessly.

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