Don Ziggy - Nduuma (Produced By Dj Chare).

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Don Ziggy, a rapidly emerging artist hailing from the northern region of Tamale, has just unveiled his highly anticipated track, "Is God," crafted under the expert production of Dj Chare, a renowned sound engineer also hailing from the same region. 

The song serves as a melodious testimony to the artist's gratitude for the bountiful blessings bestowed upon him by the divine. "Is God" reverberates with Ziggy's vocal prowess and Chare's musical finesse, creating a harmonious blend that resonates deeply with listeners.

Beyond its melodious qualities, the song carries a poignant message. Don Ziggy imparts a valuable lesson, emphasizing the significance of patience and prayer. The track serves as a guiding light for the youth, encouraging them to persevere with faith, as their destined gifts are on the horizon. 

In a world fraught with challenges, Ziggy's musical sermon serves as a reminder that divine intervention and hard work intertwine to sculpt our destinies. With "Is God," Don Ziggy and Dj Chare have not only gifted us a memorable tune but also a thoughtful anthem that underscores the power of spirituality and determination in navigating life's journey.

Please kindly scroll down and Tap on the Download button beneath to Grap a copy of this tune into your device Playlist and enjoy your day with sweet melodies of Don Ziggy Nduuma "Is God".. 

Promoting Unity and Tolerance: Ya-Na Abubakari's Message to Kennedy Agyapong. 

In a remarkable display of leadership and a commitment to fostering unity, Ya-Na Abubakari, the King of Dagbon, has taken a stand against divisive rhetoric. During a courtesy call by Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, a Presidential aspirant of the NPP, the Ya-Na emphasized the need to halt the spread of hatred directed at Northern communities.

The Ya-Na's admonishment comes in response to statements made by Kennedy Agyapong, who had raised concerns about the 2024 elections being dominated by Northerners if Bawumia were to win. The King pointed out that such comments are detrimental and only serve to perpetuate the erroneous perception of Northerners as second-class citizens.

Speaking from the Gbewaa palace, the Ya-Na urged Agyapong to refocus his campaign on substantive issues rather than resorting to divisive tactics. He emphasized the importance of supporting the party's chosen candidate, regardless of their regional background.

In a commendable display of statesmanship, Kennedy Agyapong promised to conduct a campaign free from tribalism, affirming his commitment to a united and tolerant political discourse. He also acknowledged a prior commitment to the Ya-Na and presented a pickup truck as a gesture of fulfilling a promise made during the 2020 elections.

Agyapong's visit to the region is part of his effort to garner support from party delegates in preparation for the pivotal November 4 elections.

The exchange between Ya-Na Abubakari and Kennedy Agyapong reflects the importance of responsible and inclusive political discourse in Ghana. It underscores the significance of unity and respect for all regions, as the nation progresses towards crucial elections, where leadership qualities should be the deciding factor rather than divisive narratives. The King's message serves as a powerful reminder of the need for political leaders to prioritize the well-being and harmony of the nation's diverse populace.

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