Aiva Ft Striker De Donzy - Suraiya (Produced By Dr Fizar Beatz).

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Another dope tune from the camp of BBC music / Aiva nation by the giant rap legend (Aiva), He features the Unruly Don on this this (Striker De Donzy) and titled as (Suraiya) but produced by Dr Fizar Beatz. 

Please kindly scroll down and Tap on the Download button beneath to Grap a copy of this tune into your device Playlist and enjoy your day with sweet melodies of Suraiya by the two giants from the Northeast music industry. 
Striker De Donzy declares: Fancy Gadam/Maccasio Did Not Teach Me Music.
Striker De Donzy, a rising star hailing from the Northeast part of Ghana in Langbinsi, recently made a significant statement during an online TV interview hosted by Prince Mahamadu in Nalerigu, the Northeast regional capital. In the interview, Striker De Donzy vehemently refuted claims that Fancy Gadam, a prominent figure in the Ghanaian music scene, had any influence on his musical journey.

The artiste clarified that Fancy Gadam had never helped in shaping his music career nor had he received any guidance from him neither Maccasio since the inception of his music career. This revelation came as a response to persistent rumors and speculations in the media regarding his supposed emulation of Fancy Gadam's style.

Striker De Donzy emphasized that he has been an independent artist from day one, never attempting to mimic Fancy Gadam or fellow artist Maccasio. He asserted that his stage performances, fashion choices, vocal style, and overall persona are entirely his own creations, dispelling the notion that he imitates Fancy Gadam in any way.

Finally, He Voiced that, Both Fancy Gadam and Maccasio Are only His Seniors in the music scene since they commerced before him and are influencers or serve us a motivation for him to indulge into the game.
Watch video below. 

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