C!ash of date: Ataaka vs Gifted Tima Concerts.

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C!ash Of Date; North To The World Concert and Mixed Bag Concert Schedules On Same Day - Ataaka vs Gifted Tima. 

Tamale stands to have two major commercial shows from dissimilar brands and record labels on the very same day this month ( February) 24, the "North To The World" concert by Ataaka as a rapper at Sports Stadium, and the "Mixed Bag" show is aimed to happen at Radatch Lodge and Conference Center by Gifted Tima as a poet-artist all together in the Northern sector of Ghana (Tamale). 

Several appeals from social media users have delineated to our attention that, Tamale is big enough to even host three major events on the same day and have successfully recorded numbers altogether, but in the case of Northerners understanding Showbiz is low for these two particular forthcoming concerts, there needs to be much extra care between our northern base celebrities. 

Despite a showbiz wiser, it has no problem for this to happen, but considering the brands behind it all, and when it comes to North's understanding of showbiz is quite different from others in the country. So, music lovers and entertainment industry players have advised one of them should be postponed to an available day in Tamale as far as hosting a successful show is concerned. 

Looking at the amount of money invested in booking the venues or in the organisation of the concert is very costly to encounter a flop concert at the end of the day. I wish one to adhere to this risk and kindly prevent any form of future disastrou$ outcomes. The earlier the better, nothing is spoiled yet, only a change of plans. 

To remind you, this sponsor has nothing to do with bringing anyone's spirit down, but with a bare truth as well as advice to both teams. 
What is your opinion on Gifted Tima and Ataaka hosting shows on the same day?

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