Mashud 99 Grace Album Tracks List Officially Uncovered.

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Mashud 99, a good rapper and songwriter coming from the Northeast region, particularly Nalerigu, has recently released his much-anticipated "Grace Album" tracklist. This exciting announcement was made today, December 26, 2023, through the artist's official Facebook page and WhatsApp status, creating a buzz among music enthusiasts. The album is slated for an early January 2024 release, building anticipation for what promises to be a musical journey through thirteen solid tracks.

The "Grace Album" is a proof to Mashud 99's artistry, featuring a mix of different performances and collaborations with talented artists from Tamale and Mamprugu. Each track possess a unique narrative, offering listeners a messageful musical experience. The inclusion of collaborations adds an extra layer of deep, showcasing the artist's ability to match with fellow musicians.

What sets this album apart is the collaboration with a cadre of skilled producers, all hailing from the North. The eight hardworking sound engineers behind the scenes are crucial contributors to the project's sonic richness. Zongo Ojah handles tracks 1, 8, and 9, Ojah Drumz takes charge of tracks 2 and 11, while Thug Jay works his magic on tracks 3, 4, and 12. Zeema Rec. produces tracks 5 and 7, Dr. Fiza adds his touch to track 6, and King Fay is the mastermind behind track 10. De Fly Gh concludes the lineup, producing the thirteenth and final track.

The tracklist of the "Grace Album" offers a glimpse into Mashud 99's versatility and storytelling prowess. From the collaborative energy of "Free Advice" featuring Walter Beatz to the culturally rich "Tinkpan Poa" featuring Sapashini, the album promises a diverse range of sounds and themes. The titular track "Grace" is likely to be a standout moment, showcasing Mashud 99's individual style and lyrical depth.

As the album unfolds, listeners can expect a journey through various emotions and experiences. Tracks like "Aviator," "Abaaya," and "Zim Pori" featuring Mic Teeta (BBH) promise to captivate audiences with their unique soundscapes. The socially conscious themes in "Drug Abuse" featuring Aiva Gh and "Bad Mind" add substance to the album, reflecting Mashud 99's commitment to addressing relevant issues through his music.

Featuring continue to shine with "Mampuri Doo" featuring Chogu Boys, "Media Girl" featuring Rass Tee, "Mani Nyadi," and the closing track "Peace" featuring S Bio. Each collaboration adds a layer of diversity, ensuring that "Grace Album" offers something for every music lover.

Lastly, Mashud 99's "Grace Album" is not only for its impressive tracklist but also for the collaboration with talented artists and skilled producers. As fans eagerly await its release in March 2024, the album stands as a testament to the artist's growth and commitment to delivering a musical experience that transcends boundaries.
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