Striker De Donzy Declares: Fancy Gadam Shall Hear My Voice If He Mention Bissa.

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Striker De Donzy Declares: Fancy Gadam Shall Hear My Voice If He Mention Bissa (My Tr!be) On Air Again. 

The trending tune 'Local Boy' crooner (Striker De Donzy) hailing from the Northeast region (langbinsi) who was hosted on radio Tamale by Mr Tell today took to his Facebook page this evening after the interview that, he isn't going to reply to anyone on air nor even attend any media house interview with regards to the current incident trending between he and Fancy Gadam for peace sake. 

The artiste said that in other to calm all Ghanaian music lovers who purchases their products and attend their event but got bored because of the little B@ntet between he and the acclaimed Northern music controller (Fancy Gadam). A lot have really deliberated on them with their judgements and many also doled their supports to them in a way of consoling them to avoid such act on the media. Striker who deviated from answering questions that was directed to that issue by Mr Tell decided to cast his reasons for not delving in that aspect by scripting this... Read below

"Please if you have an issues with someone and that person finally decided to discuss you negatively for public on radio, then you also reacted very quick by going to that same radio station and clear out the real hardtruth, and from ur explanation or your own story many people begin to feel pity for you, then also stand by you, fought for you. Declared you as a winner in that matter.

After hearing/listening to your our own side of the story, Nobody acted selfish, everybody supported you because they feel for you, reasonable people’s, and also matured people’s us well. This means people’s has really put their heads/minds down follow and do their own analysis very well, that’s why they finally declared you as winner  in the case,  
and also advised/consoled with you to take heart, 

So now you decided not to repeat yourself anywhere on radio stations again about that same issue. What is wrong?????? Or what is the disappointment?????

Myself and my team members we made up mind not to grant interviews anywhere on this media, radio, or tv etc and repeat/explain ourselves about that same matter. No matter how a presenter forced me Until we hear  something again from the order side which will demands back our side of explanation from dey you guys will hear  from us again but for now we decided to keep mute on that particular issue period, 

But I still stand by all my words, trust me all what ever say on Majority Radio everything is hard-truth, No lies 

I want to also use this opportunity to make this point very clear to the whole public before they #Yaande Mis Cote me. Please  #No matter how Fancy Gadam disrespect me in a musically way i will understand because music itself is a game, but going further to insult/disrespect my tribe #BISSA deeer. l will be very disappointed in him and I will never be cool that, because my tribe is not part of our music industry issues  until he apologize to #BISSA YOUTH GROUPS all over the world  thanks for understanding."

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