Fancy Gadam Called for Nero's help in Management.

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Fancy Gadam Called for Nero's help in Management.

Fancy Gadam Needs Strong Managers; a manager like Nero's type is needed to keep Fancy Gadam in the world's market one more time for his recent studio album (the competition album).  Ahmed Mujahid Bello internationally known as Fancy Gadam growth in music seems to be defined as a cloning moment nothing else I must say, to get me wrong not, the solution for Fancy and the team is to find channels to contact his former Manager Nero to excel him much. 

This has absolutely nothing to do with his current management not doing the right thing, but I believe people around Neru could be of help to the Ghanaian song writer A-list musician based in the North, if not for anything, he knows the ways to rebrand the artist and sell him for potential wise businessmen almost all in west Africa. 

With the help of Nero, the Competition Album would have gained more listening than what Fancy had now. I mean, Nero is well-connected and he can market the artist to reach out to more people across Africa and the world as a whole. Fancy had streams but the album is so good enough and could make waves in every aspect of music. 

A few days ago, at a modern city hotel, Fancy Gadam and the former manager Nero had the chance to meet together in that short period. All my prayer is to reconnect as a manager. The short moment together should bring something spicy on the scale once again in Fancy career. 

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