The Unintended Storm Surrounding Chef Faila's Innocent Statements.

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The Unintended Storm Surrounding Chef Faila's Innocent Statements.

Why people were already shelving for her to make those joke statements, so that they can use it as an opportunity to tarnish her image?  I'm even surprise, the context of her statement was not something that could have gone to this stage, but bitterness and hatred have come over these people to take it this far.

You might have gotten Faila's communication in a different perspective, but she never meant it, and we all knows that. Failatu was only joking when the question pops up in that aspect. Let her be, she owes no one an apology. The truth is that, you are been jealous of her success and you can never stop it because it is already planned to happen by God. 

Faila never mentioned that, in her quest to break the Guinness World Record for the Cook-A-Thon, no one supported at the Modern City Hotel. She was only being specific as a joke, not even Shatta, Stone Boy and others at least show up. And that was the truth. If you are not hate, in the first place why are you so much bitter about Faila's statement?
Please let us find a way to calm down this issue as one family and friends to each other.


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