Ataaka to drop a controversia! Jingle, "North 2Da World" concert by DJ Carlos.

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Ataaka to unleash a controversia! Jingle, "North 2Da World" concert by DJ Carlos. 

I learned Alhassan Abdul Razak known as DJ Carlos stands in charge of Ataaka's concert jingle and is full of controversy to spark things in the game, well is good though, people would help you ruin the outcome of the show free of charge. As for that one, I bet you consider it done as ABCD. 

But my question is, why must Carlos always have to use someone's project to hurt another person's joy in the name of unnecessary, uncalled-for controversy? If this is not another way to spoil the show's attendance what again? The truth has to be told, Carlos has to change his way of doing jingles for these musicians. It's positively not helping them. Not every artist like Ataaka has to fall into this unnecessary drama. 

In the first place, why must you consistently have to grouch with somebody for a show? Trust me, the team has to advise Ataaka not to use the concert especially its jingle to beef with anybody/artist, only if you want him to have numbers. I must tell you the certitude, the one who is in charge of the jingle is not going to alleviate you if he intends to use it, beef people. Until you realize this is going to be a big mess for Ataaka. 

Therefore, get it in mind Ataaka, and play your card so well at this very moment as a rapper who has been in the industry for almost two decades. Don't let anybody at all ruin this chance for you. Either you take it or leave, I have spoken.

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