Sapashini Pun¢hed Striker De Donzy In His Latest Music.

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Sapashini Pun¢hed Striker De Donzy In His Latest Music. 

In Sapashini's latest release, "Hey Maa," the rising Ghanaian superstar delivers a punch to colleague artiste Striker De Donzy from the Northeast. Sapashini accuses Striker of relying excessively on external support, emphasizing his dependence on wealthy benefactors and labeling it as detr!mental to his music career. 

The song confirms that Striker thinks f00l!shly while presenting himself as a Gen!us, a par@dox that, according to Sapashini, hampers artistic growth.
Sapashini added that, he is the owner of the game now and forever since the music lover now placed solel trust on him and in fact, Mamprugu is his mother land and anyone interested in a plot of land can come for one to farm instead of the music. 

Furthermore, Sapashini vowed that Striker sees himself as the game-changer in the Northeast music scene but suggests that without Sapashini, he l@cks the ability to contribute mean!ngfully to the region's musical advancement. The lyrical confrontation sets the stage for a potential clash in perspectives, with Striker De Donzy set to respond in his upcoming release on December 19, 2023, intensifying the musical rivalry in the Northeast Ghanaian music industry.

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