Comparing your questioning between Donzy & Fancy, truly you're b!ased: Fan base pinpoints Gee Face.

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"Comparing your questioning between Donzy & Fancy, truly you're b!ased." - Fan base pinpoints Gee Face. 

Music t!tans Fancy Gadam and Striker De Donzy f0ught over a whopping sum of GHS60,000 while media personality Gee Face granted both two parties an opportunity on air for the public's assumption, fan-based reacted, Gee Face was not fair to De Donzy. 

"Comparing your questioning between Donzy & Fancy, truly you're b!ased." Facebook users responded while a section of them was of the view that, Gee Face "You are doing a great job, since you have given both same opportunities to speak on air". 

The issue of the presenter being fair to De Donzy has now become a whole big topic currently after the program today on January 27, 2024. Gee Face interviewed Fancy as to why he had not accepted the apology rendered to him by De Donzy and Gadam narrated that, De Donzy was not saying the r!ght thing because his share of 30K had to be given before a peace pipe smoked between them. 

Meanwhile, according to Striker De Donzy, the 60,000 cedis was a different deal from what Fancy is talking about and hence can not be shared with anybody at all.  He mentioned a complete deal it was that occurred between him and the Vice President of Ghana, Dr. Mahamud Bawumia. Fancy is the senior in the game but the truth is one. De Donzy cleared.

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