Don Dee Gazaale Unveiled Dream Album Official Tracklist.

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Don Dee Gazaale Unveiled Dream Album Official Tracklist. 

Don Dee Gazaale, a great rapper and songwriter from the North, particularly Tamale, has just unveiled his highly anticipated "Dream Album." The revelation took place today, December 8, 2023, through an announcement on the artist's official Facebook page, creating a buzz among music enthusiasts. The album is poised for imminent release, promising a diverse and captivating musical journey for his audience.

The "Dream Album" boasts a thoughtfully curated tracklist, each song offering a unique blend of Don Dee's lyrical prowess and distinctive style. The unveiling of the cover photo on Facebook served as a sneak peek into the musical landscape that awaits. Let's delve into the intriguing tracklist that has captured the attention of fans:

Inshal Allah
Oxygen Ft Kawastone
Npax Ft Sapashini
Lagri Ft Salamu Jinni & Jakpa Koji
Behagu Ft Wizchild
Ayatul Kursin
10 Minutes
Cash Out Ft Maccasio
Duniya Ft Lazzybwoy
Tipawumli Ft Ataaka
Nlaalaa Ft Sinbad
The album showcases a collaboration with various artists, adding a layer of diversity and richness to the overall musical experience. Notable features include collaborations with Kawastone, Sapashini, Salamu Jinni, Jakpa Koji, Wizchild, Maccasio, Lazzybwoy, Ataaka, and Sinbad.

Equally noteworthy are the producers who have contributed to the sonic tapestry of the "Dream Album." Ojahdrumz, White, Bluebeat, Zulu, and Mr. Phresh have lent their expertise to create a dynamic and engaging sound across the different tracks.


Ojahdrumz: 2, 4, 8, and 15
White: 1, 3, and 13
Bluebeat: 5, 11, 12, and 14
Zulu: 6
Mr. Phresh: 7, 9, and 10
The executive producer of the "Dream Album" is Sinbad Entertainment, signifying a collaborative effort to bring Don Dee's musical vision to life.
Watch cover photo Below. 

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