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Sapashini, a Multi talented artist in the music scene, recently dropped a cover photo for his yet to be released song, "Hey Maa," a project that promises to merge audiences with its unique mix of Mampruli lyrics and vibrant sound, coming from the Northeast part of the nation, Sapashini is not only a musician but also a good songwriter and stage performer, beautifying his status as a senior artiste in mamprugu.

The title, "Hey Maa," comes with better as it is in the Mampruli language, translating to "we're the game owners" in English. This fine choice adds a cultural way to the song, providing listeners with an alert into Sapashini's roots and artistic expression. The addition of traditional content with modern music production showcases his ability to cover the gap between heritage and contemporary music.

The production of "Hey Maa" is in the capable hands of the hardworking beat lord from Tamale, called "flames beat." Tamale has been a studio for emerging talents in the Northern music industry, and Flames Beat's involvement further enhances the surrounding this release. The bars between Sapashini's lyrics and Flames Beat's musical content promises a track that will not only entertain but also leave a lasting message.

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